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🧐On Performance Max Campaigns

published8 months ago
1 min read

I've been actively learning about Performance Max campaigns lately.

See, most of my clients run Smart Shopping campaigns, and this campaign type will be replaced by Pmax later this year.

As I've been learning, I found some excellent resources, and I wanted to share some of them with you.

1. This excellent twitter thread by Dennis Moons. It covers "11 things you should know about pMax". It is perfect for Pmax newbies.


3. Get it from the source. In this video Google tells us how to "Get Ready to Upgrade To Performance Max"


video preview

3. Mike Ryan's podcast argues that PMax will eventually replace all campaigns and there won't be Search or Display, or Shopping campaign types.

Another intriguing idea there is that Google has been loosing the eCommerce search battle to Amazon, and pMax is Google's latest tool to change that.


P.S. Are you running Performance Max campaigns? What's your experience so far?